The weirdo guy you would love to see.

Intro about me

I’m Jeeboxii. A tech enthusiast (kinda), Explorer, Future Developer and a VIP for now.

First cry

Born on 3|11|2000 and brought up fully in Chennai *feeling proud*

Let’s talk about real stuff

I’m basically an introvert. I’m more comfortable with less people around but I like to reach out to the world when it is needed. People feel that I’m a good singer but I’m far away when it comes to believing in my ability of singing. A die hard BTS fan, any A.R.M.Y here ? ;_; .

Would love to dance to any song but haven’t actually danced since childhood. Honestly, childhood will be the best part of anyone’s life. No restriction is imposed and as a child also you wouldn’t care about this world.


Stu-died in Chennai Public School. I’m pretty sure anyone who reads the name would get the feeling of ‘Prestigious Institution’. Well it is, had a lot of fun during my school days but had little downs here and there, I meant my grades 🙂


Currently stu-dying Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri. This is probably the best university apart from few IIT’s. You could completely trust me in this. To be frank, I saw a lot of negative reviews of this particular branch of my college and was scared to come to this place. After coming here only, I got to know that this place is the exact opposite of the reviews I saw in internet. I’m preparing myself to join in one of the best student clubs (FOSS).

Interests and Future plans

My interest on cars just keeps on increasing day to day. I basically took EEE to learn the technical aspects of a electric vehicle but my interests are widely spread. I fell in love…with programming during my last year of schooling. So, I like anything related to Computer Science as well. I’m not really a good planner but I’ve planned to work for my country no matter where destiny takes me.